Arctic Cold Storage

At Arctic Cold Storage, we’re proud to be a preeminent partner for clients in the food service industry, farms and many more. Our facility offers cutting-edge technology to ensure security, safety and quality at all times. We offer a full cross docking service for food distributors.


Our warehouse provides secure, temperature controlled and ambient storage facilities for all of your goods and products.


Our warehouse technicians are fully trained and dedicated to serving your needs. Our advanced warehouse management system ensures complete accuracy and transparency at every step of the cold storage and delivery process.

Cross Docking

We offer a full cross-docking service to ensure the absolute freshest foodstuffs possible to  build strong relationships and satisfy your customers.


We’re completely dedicated to exceeding your expectations. To do that, we adhere to ISO standards, and expect all of our partners to do so as well. We regularly score ourselves on quality and value, and we maintain our procedures and vehicles at the highest industry standards.

Contact us today to learn more about how our cold storage solutions can meet your needs.