Choosing a distribution centre is not something that you can leave to chance. You need to ensure that you’re making an informed decision, that the area you ultimately choose meets your needs and expectations, and that, ultimately, it will ensure that your products are able to reach their destination in a timely manner. Limerick definitely fits those qualifications. What makes this city such an ideal option as a distribution centre?

Centrally Located

One of the most important reasons to choose Limerick as your distribution centre is the fact that it is centrally located. While it might be south of the actual heart of Ireland, Limerick is easily accessible from all points of the compass.

Road and Rail

Limerick is home to a very well-developed road and rail system. This ensures speed of transit for your products to our cold storage facility, as well as to your final destination. There are six national highways in the Limerick area, and the Limerick Tunnel ensures that the downtown area can be easily bypassed for faster shipping.

Easy Access to Other Areas of Ireland

Limerick’s location makes accessing other areas of Ireland simple. Dublin is less than two hours away by road. Galway and Cork can also be accessed in just 90 minutes by road. A new motorway connecting Limerick and Galway will be able to further reduce the transit time between these two cities.

Limerick Itself

Of course, transit in, through and around the city of Limerick is only one of the reasons this city has become a popular distribution centre. There’s also the fact that Limerick is the commercial and cultural capital of mid-western Ireland. The city is home to businesses large and small, and it is also a booming population centre, with more than a half-million people living within an hour of downtown.

Our Cold Storage Facility

The reasons above are just a few of the considerations we made when deciding to locate the Arctic Cold Storage facility just south of Limerick. We benefit from the robust road and rail network, as well as from the accessibility to the rest of Ireland.

If you’re ready to experience the difference that a dedicated, forward-thinking cold storage facility can offer, we invite you to get in touch with us today. We would be happy to further explain the benefits of Limerick as a distribution centre.